The following is a list of the different volunteer positions that need to be filled in order to keep the rescue operating.

Kennel Assistants

Kennel Assistants have a demanding but rewarding job.  It is their responsibility to make sure that all cats are well cared for and that the kennels are in good order for the cats’ comfort.  Remember a clean kennel promotes a happy and healthy atmosphere!

Duties of rescue cleaners include:

  • Feeding the cats dry food
  • Thoroughly scooping ALL litter boxes
  • Sweeping and wiping down kennel walls and floors
  • Changing towels and other bedding
  • Dumping and refilling ALL water dishes
  • Putting items away in their designated areas

Adoption Counselors

Counselors are the first people that potential adopters meet when visiting the kennels.  It is the responsibility of the couselors to be welcoming and helpful.

Duties of an Adoption Counselor include:

  • Introducing potential adopters to the rescue cats
  • Explaining the rescue’s adoption policies;
  • Introducing, explaining, and completing the application process
  • Educating new adopters about pet care
  • Taking submitted Adoption Applications and making sure they get to Petco Staff


One of the best ways to get the word out to the public is to go out into the public.  Volunteers who help with Outreach aid in making the public aware of the rescue and help with getting cats adopted.  There are many different events held throughout the year and each event requires different sets of skills, talents, and abilities.

Duties of a Representative include:

  • Pre-event planning and preparation
  • Setting up and breaking down of event location
  • Assisting with staffing of events
  • Contributing to the positive public image of the rescue
  • Greeting the public and answering any questions
  • Supervising and cleaning up after animals during event
  • Educating the public as to the programs, services, and mission of the rescue
  • Discussing the benefits of adopting with potential adopters
  • Transporting animals and/or supplies as necessary

Office Workers

Paperwork and computing is important to ensuring the rescue runs efficiently.  The rescue maintains files on each cat as well as provides fliers, brochures and other much needed information to the public.

Duties of an Office Worker include:

  • Entering Data onto forms or into the rescue database
  • Making copies of any forms and fliers as necessary
  • Ensuring that all forms are available when needed, and refilling as forms and fliers run out
  • Answering phone calls, taking messages, and returning calls

Public Relations

The public only knows about the rescue if we promote it in as many media outlets as possible.

Duties of a Public Relations Volunteer include:

  • Creating fliers and other publicity materials
  • Updating the rescue website and partner websites to be current on all information
  • Taking pictures of rescue cats for promotional materials and their files
  • Contacting local newspapers and radio stations to advertise events and fundraisers
  • Networking with local businesses to create mutually beneficial relationships
  • Canvassing the businesses and neighborhoods with fliers and brochures
  • Aiding in the creation, and mailing of the rescue newsletter

Fundraising Aids

In order to obtain much needed funding for the medical care of our cats and the management of day-to-day activities, the rescue  plans and executes numerous fundraisers throughout the year.

Fundraising volunteers may participate in the following ways:

  • Pre-event planning and preparation
  • Set up and break down of event location
  • Assisting with staffing of events
  • Soliciting donations