As a limited intake shelter with no stray holding license and limited space, we are unable to directly take in every cat that we receive an assistance request for.  However, we do have a Finder-to-Foster Program that may work for you.

This program is for cats and kittens that meet the following criteria:

  • Have been in your possession for a minimum of 10 days (per DuPage County law)
  • Have made attempts to find an owner (including filing a found pet report with animal control, talking with neighbors, putting up posters, scanning for a microchip, etc).

If the cats you have found qualify:

  • You as the finder sign the cats over to St. Sophia’s
  • St. Sophia’s processes the cats/kittens into our program (exam, vaccinations, microchipping, and on-boarding)
  • You continue to foster (depending on the age and temperaments of the cats/kittens, this is about a month long process)   
  • St. Sophia’s provides you with all supplies and medical care for the cats.  
  • St. Sophia’s facilitates all adoptions.


  • Our primary goal is to reduce pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering and fully vetting all cats prior to rehoming them.
  • St. Sophia’s takes ALL of a litter, or NONE.  
  • If you choose to rehome any of the kittens/cats on your own:
    • There is no guarantee the kittens/cats will be placed into safe and responsible homes
    • There is no guarantee that the new owners will spay/neuter their kittens
    • You are only perpetuating the pet overpopulation problem
    • We will be unable to assist.

Submit a Finder-to-Foster ApplicationĀ